Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Time moves very fast

Mistakes!! I am so ashamed because i think today is the last day for SPM students but actually they will sit on their last paper on 3 & 4 dec.2007. But for science stream now they have a week to rest after struggling with core subjects. For me, i have succeeded to read ''12 Rukun Kerja Berpasukan'' & i want to make summary about this book. Besides, i read ''Mengapa saya menganut Islam'' by Fathi Yakan. It is a famous book among my friends which is always make as a discussion during usrah. I hope i get some benefits from this book. Ok, to all my friends, please respond to me what are you doing this holiday k! wslm.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why my spirit comes to decrease?

Like the spirit comes to increase then decrease, but i think it is a common thing. Yesterday i do not write anything, not because i am lazy but yesterday i have another activities to do. Today i will write a piece of ideas to share with all my friends.

This is my loving computer. Usually i have to quarrel with my little brother. He likes to watch Naruto movies through Youtube. What is interesting with those stories? (Although i like to watch too,he2) Tomorrow i think the last day for SPM students to face their last examination paper & all their academic books!! Maybe some of them have their own activities. For whose involve in PLKN will feel nervous because some of us heard the sceptical view about National Service. I do not get the chance to take part in National Service. Sometimes i feel envy with all my friends stories about their experience but sometimes i feel grateful because i have fulfilled my time after SPM wisely. To all my junior, use your time wisely, if you need any consultation you can keep in touch with all seniors. We will share our thoughts with you. Happy holiday!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

After spending a week of holiday..time to...what?

Holiday..actually, i used to think when i was studying, i eagerly waited for holiday but when the holiday came, i thought that better i had my time time studying. Now, i spent 8 days at home. I always asked myself, what i had done for my holiday? Hm, i had sleeping, woke up, eating, loitering, & so on. Yes, but those all things were beneficial? Last night, i had a chance to have Yahoo messenger session with my friend. We shared together our experience during this holiday. Maybe she had better planning than me. So, i got the spirit from her to recheck back my schedule & had my own target.

Will be read in the meantime

Yarkh, although i was in holiday, i had to face with academic books!! Whateverla, it was for my own benefits. My target was to finish up all those (above) books. From left were '' Tarbiyah Sistematik,'' ''Biology sem2,'' & ''Chemistry Sem 2.'' Maybe it could make me have a better preparation for the next semester at USIM.

In my hand now

This was a book entitled '12 Rukun Kerja Berpasukan' by Rahmat Ismail. It was a book which was suitable for a manager in a company, a leader in a group & for all those interested in leadership. For me, it was my additional knowledge to improve my leadership skill. Since i was handled a program now maybe it was beneficial for me. To all my friends, lets start our reading lifestyle today...knowledge is the power to achieve our dreams!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Coming back from holiday with beloved family!!

Hello friends!! I was just coming back from my holiday with my family. Actually, the holiday was organised by the General Hospital of Sultanah Nur Zahirah K. Terengganu.Besides, it was a family day activitiy. But, actually just my mother took part in the activity. I liked to do my own activity. So, below was some pictures i had captured during the holiday. The location was at Sutera Beach Resort, Setiu Terengganu. It was a beautiful place because the resort was near the beach.

At the back is the beach at the resort, i didnt know its name

Maybe u cant believe it, but in the toilet also have chairs!! Who want to rest in this place!!
Rest at the foyer


It was sad when i start to build the sandcastle, the wave crashed its.

I carved it on sand just to remember my tamhidi

Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) my tertiary education starts here

Just for fun, i like to carve my owns name maybe its was a sign as a small path to have a big path in the future (He2 as the 1st human reached at moon said)

At night, there was a grand dinner, but sorry because the picture was blurred.

The sun in the morning rises from the east..

The sun rises at 7.45a.m..maybe..i was jogging at that time.

Yeah, it was the last picture captured before i went home.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Takwim Semester 2 USIM (Sori in Malay) just cut copy



Pendaftaran 10 Dis. 2007 (1 hari)
Perkuliahan 1 Dis. 2007 – 08 Feb. 2008 (9 minggu)
Cuti Pertengahan Semester II 11 – 15 Feb. 2008 (1 minggu)
Perkuliahan 18 Feb. – 18 April 2008 (9 minggu)
Peperiksaan 21 April – 02 Mei 2008 (2 minggu)
Cuti Semester II 05 – 30 Mei 2008 (4 minggu)


Sebagaimana diluluskan Senat pada 28 September 2006 dan tertakluk kepada pindaan.
Cuti sempena ‘Idulfitri adalah pada 13 dan 14 Oktober 2007
Cuti sempena ‘Iduladha adalah pada 20 Disember 2007

Its true or not?

When i took my breakfast usually i would like to open the newspaper at a glance. Today, i was attracted with an excerptof news. I would like to share with all of u.

The title of the news was '' Pelajar universiti hanya baca 12 buku.'' I would not shock if the news said in a month or in a week but it was said an university student just read at average 12 books at almost 3 years when they were studying in university!! The reading lifestyle especially read of additional books among students in university were leave far behind than the university at abroad.

The Deputy of Ministry of Education, Datuk Noh Omar had said, a research had shown, the students in Australia read about 180 books, Indonesia-94 books, India-130 books, Thailand-56 b00ks & Brunei-books! The data showed us how the reading lifestyle could not be cultivated among students.

Yes, maybe the statement above had its true. I observed that Short Message Service (SMS) couldnt be separated among teenagers. Start from we woke up in the morning until we almost slept, the handphone always with us. Besides, i had heard a story from a father when he took his children to the village, when the family almost wanted to sleep, he switched off the lamps, he shocked to look each of his child's handphone would light. He thought that the children had slept but they still in SMS!!. Moreover, in information technology era, our teens were similar with internet's peer-Friendster, My Space, IRC, & so on. This lifestyle if we didn't prevent or control it like we gave the knife to someone, the knife was useful to cut fruits & so on but when it was misused the knife could kill someone.

Last but not least, since we now in holiday, i would to urge all my friends including me to use the time wisely. Holiday was the time to tighthen the bond of family & time to add our knowledge. Use your time properly as our prophet said remember 5 things before 5 things came to us. Once of them was spend your free time before your busy time.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Why I feel something different today?

Whuah..looked at the title i wrote above maybe gave u a lot of questions?Today i started to write my blog at night. It was different when I was used to do it in the morning. Today my day start with usual things but today i had done more my job to my tamhidi. For your information, next year my tamhidi would organised a grand activity which was called as rehlah of Tamhidi Of Science & Technology. Besides, i would be the director of the program. Maybe some of us said "Wah, u look so amazing to be the director." But for me it was so tired to do it. As the leader to handle a program like us to sacrifice everything such as time, money, strength & so on. Yes, like my friend had zaid to feel the sweet of the program, we had to struggle. I felt grateful because all my friends that involved as the committes could give the committment to work. Thanks a lot to Rasyadan (Kashaf), Qilah, Hafiz, Hidayati, Taufik, Nabihah, Izwan & all my friends. Without them i thought that this program could not be handled smoothly.

Next, yesterday i was so shocked to see my old friend's friendster. She was my friend during the primary school. She was older a year than me. What made amazed of her was her appearance now, wow she would be maybe a press or journalist or whatever job related to press. The picture she put as the primary in her site made me felt so proud. Maybe when I was a political man or academician in the future, she would interview me. Insya-allah.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Award as the torch to make us to struggle harder

Praise to Allah..yesterday, i had awarded the prize as one of excellence student for my success in SPM 06 in award giving ceremony which was organised by Yayasan Terengganu at Civic Hall, Serada Village. This was a picture that i grabbed but its didnt clear because i took it at the back of the hall.

In the ceremony, there were a few guests such as the representatives from Yayasan Terengganu & also the ADUN of Alur Limbat, Alias. In his speech, he gave some advices to students to struggle harder even though they had achieved success now. Besides, i was attracted with an excerpt of his speech said that, some of the sudents that were sent by the state government to University of Al-Azhar had been influenced by the seniors whose were not finished their studies although they had learnt for years. I thought that, it was a bad perspective to the seniors that said that they had influenced their juniors to participate in anti-establishment, opposed the government & so on. Yes, i didnot deny that the matter was happened but my opinion was, we could not say that the seniors whose were not finished their study abroad did not mean that they failed. I thought that maybe it was their choice to stay there to grab more knowledge. Dont think to sceptical to them, maybe some of subjects were tough but they were stayed at Anbiya' Earth that full of blessing.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Everything can change in a moment

Yesterday was my 1st day holiday at home. As usual, my discipline in USIM had taught me to arrange time properly. As early in the morning, i woke up to perform norning prayer. My activities in the morning was strenghthen the tie of relationships between my family. I lend my hand to help my parents. In the afternoon, i had chance to go to Kuala Terengganu City by motorcycle to update my Tabung Haji saving account. Then, i get loitering around the city. My heart was proud to observe so many development-although they still under construction- were done. For instance Kedai Payang Market which was popular among the tourist could have the role like Central Market in Kuala Lumpur because the building & around the place had been renovated. Besides, known by the city dwellers as White Mosque-was so beautiful. Although i had leave for a month, there were many changes. The mosque now had been equipped with multimedia convenience to display ''khutbah'' during friday prayer.

Moreover, i went to Banggol Bookstore near the taxi & bus stop. Wow, there were many new interesting books!! Although the prices were a bit expensive, the contents were beneficial. Its good for me to have such this bookstore because the customer could freely look & read the books that arranged neatly on the shelf. To sum up, all the books there were not wrapped. Its was different with the other bookstore which all their books were wrapped so the customer couldnt have a glance to see the book's contents. I like an author whose name is Fadzli Shaari, a lecturer at UIAM. He had written many books related to motivation & especially softskills. Since i hadnt have any budget to buy his books, so i take a few times to read there. It was so tired to stand for a long time, i think the bookstore could have a comfortable place like chairs so i could sit & read. This idea i took after i went to a very famous bookstore at KLCC-Kinokuniya. We could see the bookworms could read their favourites book without having any uncomfortable condition because there were many chairs.

After performing Asar Prayer, i had some exercises at Batu Burok Beach. I would like to congratulate to Kuala Terengganu Municipal Council (MPKT) because of their efforts to beautify the landscape around the beach. Next, i went to my previous secondary school-SMAASZA-to take my certificate. When I reached there, the surrounding was so quiet. Maybe the students whose were sitting on SPM examination had studied at hostel. Just a few of my junior had spent their time to play at court as a way to release their tension. My view was caught at a old building which popular as palace of SMAASZA, the palace was now under renovation by Museum Department. My junior said, in the future the palace would be done as gallery. When i talked about their trial exam, they were excel. Praise to Allah. But one my very close friend whose was my mentee as i was her mentor dad been dropped from her first class to the second class!! I was so shocked!! I knew that she had trapped in silly love with a person whose was i was really know about him. The guy got the bad result also in his trial exam. This was an example when a person had involved in love but cant manage properly. I reminded all my friends to prevent ourselves from such this silly thing. After that, i had been informed that she had ignored the guy & paid full concebtration on her SPM examination. I pray that all my juniors would get flying colour in their examination.

I had to sign off now ok see me at the next post!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Coming home from a big war to a more bigger war

Praise to Allah , our creator...hello friends, now i am at home. I would like to share with all of u about my activities in USIM. Recently, i have finished my final semester 1 exam & just lasr night i have came from Nilai to Terengganu by bus.

Firstly, my exam...praise to Allah that gives his help to me. I supposely can answer all the questions, some are easy but a little bit are tough. Now, what i have to do-pray to Allah, perform hajat praeyer every night & tawakal. Insyaallah we will get the excellence. I will get my result after the my holiday is over..maybe after 10 Dis. I hope all my friends can pray for my excellence too. What I want to emphasise is about the feeling during exam. Since now i am in tertiary education, it is unsimilar with the secendory school. Why?? Yes, i look that, the strategy to achieve excellence is depends on our struggle. Its all right u say that the brilliant is 2% the the determination is 98%. I suggest to all my friends especially to my friends in Tamhidi USIM, since we have known the techniques, the wrongdoings during our 1st sem, we sab used it to repair our performance as early as sem2. Now, all of us are in holiday, make your strategy now, asked yourself (if u feel that u are not better than the brilliant students-such as me), ''I have finished my papers, some weakness i have detect during my exam, i know the paper can not be repeated, but it doesn't show that i have to surrender, i have to learn to cover my mistakes during holiday, make new strategy & try harder during sem2.'' Besides, some of u in tamhidi of science & technology including me are kept the dream to further our studies in dentistry or medicine. we have to struggle more, when our friends are enjoyed their holiday-yes, i cant deny, we have to enjoy too-we have to keep studying, make post-mortem & upgrade yourself during this holiday.

Next, USIM has organized Hari Raya Ceremony although almost the end of syawal. I observe that, the ceremony so marvellous!! So many students, faculties, deans, outside dellegations & so on have involved. With many of food, beverages & performances make i so enjoy on that day. Moreover, my friends & i have finished our MUET-speaking, reading, comprehension & writing. I havent not any comments but its so cool to have this exam.

Last but not least, in my tamhidi of science & technology, i have proposed to have a rehlah next year & since that, my friends & i too have planned some works to do before the rehlah can been organised. So, during this holiday, all of us are busy preparing the paperwork so we can send it to the dean of faculty og science & technology. To all my committes, lets we pray so all of our works will get the blessing from Allah s.w.t. I have to write off now.k, see for the next post.wslm

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Last but not least

Today i will leave my beloved home to keep furthering my studies in USIM. Although i feel very sad in my heart to leave behind my family, pets, computer ( i didnt have laptop), & all the entertainment at home, i still have to instill in my mind those things are temporary. Yes, after this i will bear back with ''study sokmo'' condition coz my final examination is around the corner. Next tuesday, i will sit on for my speaking test in MUET. I think my MUET preparation just on updating this blog. Since i have used english in writing this article, i think it will help me a little bit in writing.

During holiday, our country has commemorate a history to send the first national astronout- Dr Sheikh Muszaphar – the first malay muslim to outer space. Now, he is at ISS (International Space Station). Since the first day- the Soyuz TMA-11 blasts off-until today, I always read the articles about him. The most atrractive thing for me is about his responbility that he has to do. Sheikh Muszaphar will carry out experiments on board the International Space Station relating to the characteristics and growth of liver cancer and leukemia cells, the crystallisation of various proteins and microbes in space.

Last but not least, to all my friends & me too, we have to take the spirit that shown by Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar to excel the excellence in our studies. Whatever course you are studying now, you still can contribute a lot of things to our country. As we’re the generation that will replace the leadership in this time, we have to make sure the basis thing in our life-study-in make as the priority. Strive excellence in our next examination, towards together achieving the flying colour in our life.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Schedule on Final Exam Sem 1

Schedule Of Final Exam Semester 1 Session 2007/2008

29 Oktober 2007 – 2 November 2007 & 12 November 2007 – 16 November 2007

(10 days )

Tamhidi Centre USIM

( For Tamhidi Science & Technology, Dentistry & Medicine only)

Date / Time

Morning session

Afternoon session







Chemistry Paper 2

Chemistry Paper 1



Mathematics Paper 1



Biology Paper 1

Biology Paper 2



Mathematics Paper 2




Physics Paper 2

Physics 1

Reminder :

Morning session will be started at 9 a.m

Afternoon session will be started at 2.30 p.m except on Friday, will be started at 3 p.m

Examination venue will be located at FKP examination hall.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

1st syawal 1428 in memory..

Allahuakbar 3x...praise to God that gives us opprtunity to celebrate this eid. We finish to do our fasting in ramadhan month but never ever to say when we are finishing our ramadhan, we are freely can do anything that we cant do in ramdhan. As fasting for one month has educated us to be truly muslim, not just prevent us from eating & drinking, more than that to curb us from doing sins. Syawal is the month potraying as we are borned again, free from sins.

Let we make syawal as the month to change our bad behaviour. For students, we actually burn the midnight oil as after performing our tarawih, we sleep for a while then we wake up for whole night to do revision, tahajud & etc. So dont just do those good behaviour in ramadhan, keep up our works. As now we are in examination month, multiply our hard work to achieve excellence. Dont make our life enjoy in syawal. Yes, we can celebrate syawal but please look forward as i remember what my chemistry lecturer (Puan Juliana) has said in her last lecture, '' Every year you celebrate eid but remember you just sit up your final exam once in your life, dont regret when you receive bad result in the future, so please,struggle for your final exam although you are celebrating the eid & dont forget to pray to Allah in ramadhan.''

Friday, October 12, 2007

Ramadhan as the university of tarbiyah & syawal as the graduation ceremony

Allah s.w.t has said in surah al-baqarah verse 183 :

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you, even as it was prescribed for those before you, that ye may ward off (evil);

Yes,the last sentence in this verse emphasises those who are fasting with faith will ward off (evil).Now ramadhan is in the end, that our fasting gives effect tou us? That is a question which the answer is various,depends on individual. Ramadhan we can potray it as a school, madrasah or university. In an education centre, we are given a lot of assignments, tasks, presentations, & tutorials to strenghthen our understanding. Similar to fasting, fasting teaches us how we can strenghten our faith, we force ourselves from eating & drinking for 12 hours in a day. Besides, we can close our eyes from evil see-sight. Moreover, we can order ourselves to do good deeds, but can we 'istiqamah' with those things after ramadhan?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Aidilfitri is around the corner but...

Happy Ramadhan Al-Mubarak to all my friends...sorry i have lack of time to update this blog when i am studyind in USIM. Insya allah since now i have time at home for my Aidilfitri holidays,i will frequently try to write ideas,opinions & other articles. All of u may be shocked when i start to write this blog in english, not to proud but when i am thinking for a while, it's a good behaviour to us to try to write out our feeling & ideas in our own diary & blog in english.

Yes, what i am targetting now is my Malaysian University English Test (MUET). I will sit on my MUET on 23 oct 2007 for speaking & listening,reading comprehension, & writing on 3 nov 2007. I trust that all my friends (including me) are busy to do revision for exam. Not just in tamhidi,matriculations, or in secondary school (SPM,STAM,Final exam), all those examinations will measure our ability in studying. Now all of us are busy preaparing for aidilfitri, but what i want to remind to me & all my friends, since we have time during holidays, grab this oppurtinity to do exercise, memorise notes & etc so we are well-prepared when entering examination hall.

Besides, we still in fasting month so increase our performance to Allah, seek his help so we are given his help & strength in doing our ibadah. During ramadhan all doas are accepted. Pray to Allah so we achieve excellence in our study. I take this chance to wish Happy Aidilfitri to all my friends in Tamhidi Center, Matriculatons, other universities & all muslimin muslimat in Malaysia.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Picture Of Tamhidi Of Science & Technology USIM la gambar ana n kenkawan dlm tamhidi sains n teknologi usi.Gmbr ni diambil sbg kenangan sepanjang hayat.Bakpe gambar ni pecah 4?he2,sbnrnya gambar ni mengikut kelas tutorial,tapi kitaorg memang dalam satu course or satu tamhidi.Atas kiri,TTS 1,atas kanan,TTS2 kelas anala,carila ana duk kata mane.Kiri bawah TTS4 n belah bawah kiri TTS3.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Perkhabaran dari USIM...

Alhamdulillah...setelah sekian lamanya tidak mengupdatekn blog ni, pada saat ni ada jugak masa.Ana taip dari makmal komputer usim,skrg ni xada tutorial so spend masa kat sinila kejap.Insyaallah ana akan pulang ke terengganu 3hb ogos sempena cuti semester selama seminggu.Sekarang ni usim tengah sibuk buat pesta konvokesyen.Byk aktiviti yg dilangsungkan,esok n lusa ana ada program bahasa arab yg dianjurkan o pusat tamhidi.Ni first time ana akan bertindak sebagai urusetia n peserta dlm program ni.

Baru2 ni di usim ada dibuat debat bahasa arab inter-universiti,johan n naib johan ialah UIAM.Diorang memang power bahasa arab,respectla.Matrikulasi diorg 2 tahun,mmg menekankan bahasa.Matrikulasi yg lain just setahun,itu yg membezakannnya.

Oklah setakat ni berita yg mampu ana coretkan,kepada sahabat2 sudi2kanlah menghantar berita kalian kepada ana..siiru ala barakatillah...wslm

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Menerima Anugerah Kecemerlangan SPM di Wisma Darul Iman

Gambar ni diberikan kakakku,k.baity yg bekerja di Indah Design sbg graphic designer..dia cakap ada kawan sekerja dia mendapati gambar ini digunakan utk buat cover buku cenderamata.Sebenarnya gambar ni diambil mungkin oleh wartawan sinar harian or adala org2 penerbitan.Ana duk belakang je..yg duk atas kerusi roda tula kwn ana..nama dia fahmi mustaffa dr aliran thanawi.Dia memang bagus..dapat 10A dlm SPM2006.Dia akan lanjutkan pelajaran di UIAM dlm course lawyer.Insyaallah,jadi lawyer OKU yg terbaik di Msia.Gambar ni pernah disiarkan dlm akhbar sinar harian tp gambar ana yg menyibuk xadala..just ada gambar fahmi & MB.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tips kejayaan dalam pelajaran.

Ibnu Jama’ah Alkanani berkata :

“ Waktu yang paling baik untuk menghafal pelajaran – tengah malam ”

“ Waktu yang paling baik untuk mendapatkan pelajaran - pagi-pagi lagi ”

“ Waktu yang paling baik untuk menulis – tengah hari “

“ Waktu yang paling baik untuk mempelajarinya – malam “

Al-Khathib Al-Baghdadi berkata :

Tempat yang paling baik untuk menghafal ialah ruangan bilik & tempat-tempat lain yang jauh dari hiruk-pikuk / keramaian.

Umar Al-Khattab R.A :

Dalamilah pengetahuan agama sebelum kalian menjadi pemimpin.

Perkara yang mendorong kepada kegagalan :

1. Malas

2. Malu tidak bertempat

3. Tiada keyakinan diri

4. Terlalu manjakan diri

5. Terlalu beremosi

6. Cepat puas hati

7. Suka menangguh, ambil mudah

8.Terlalu pentingkan hiburan

9. Pengurusan masa lemah

10. Harga diri rendah

11. Tiada kemahiran & strategi belajar.

Kekuatan tidak bermakna tanpa beban,dan usaha tidak bermakna tanpa kesungguhan –Osman Affan

Pernahkah anda terfikir bahawa anda sering bernasib malang kerana sering ditimpa masalah? Satu pengajaran yang ingin saya kongsikan di sini, bagi setiap masalah yang melanda, pastiada peluang yang menanti disebaliknya. Ini semua terpeluang kepada cara anda melihat kepada masalah tersebut.

Jika anda fokuskan kepada masalah itu sahaja, fikiran anda akan dipenuhi dengan masalah tersebut dan anda pasti tidak akan dapat menyelesaikannya. Tetapi anda fokuskan kepada apakah kelebihannya jika anda berjaya menyelesaikan masalah tersebut, anda pasti akan mendapat jawapannya da menikmati hasil.

Budaya couple antara keinginan & syariat.

1. Semakin banyak kemanisan yang kita teguk dalam pergaulan

bebas sebelum berkahwin, maka semakin tawar & hambar pula

pergaulan itu.(Sebagai suami isteri selepas berkahwin)

2. Pengalaman menunjukkan betapa pasangan suami isteri yang

menjaga pergaulan sebelum berkahwin, selalunya lebih

bahagia, lebih kekal & mendapat keberkatan dalam rumah

tangga berbanding mereka yang mengabaikannya. Usia

perkahwinan sampai ke anak cucu. Kalau ada yang bercerai,

sangat sedikit bilangannya. Tetapi bagi yang tidak menjaga

pergaulannya sebelum berkahwin bukan setakat tidak sampai

ke nak cucu..kadangkala sebelum menjejak gerbang

perkahwinan pun sudah putus cinta, frust & kecewa.

3. Bolehkah bercouple??

Ø Tidak mengapa..silakan tetapi hendaklah mengikut peraturan Allah.

Ø Jika sebelum bernikah kita buat sesuatu yang diharamkan kecuali pasangan yang telah berkahwin (fahamkan?) kawallah diri. Jagalah batas-batas itu. Tetapi sekiranya sudah tidak sanggup menahan diri, maka bernikahlah secara sah!

Ø Peraturan daripada Allah bukan untuk menyekat tetapi untuk mengawal .

Ø Analogi : Tanda-tanda di jalan raya bukan untuk sekatan tetapi menyelamatkan kita, hanya manusia yang tidak siuman rasa sebagai satu sekatan. Kita perlu terima untuk bantu kita sampai ke mana-mana destinasi dengan selamat.

4. Bagi mereka yang tidak bercouple jangan keluh-kesah melihat

Orang lain sudah bercouple kerana biarpun majoriti telah buat

perkara itu tetapi tidak bererti perkara itu baik.

“ Perempuan yang baik adalah untuk lelaki yang baik & lelaki yang baik untuk perempuan yang baik “ (An-Nur 24:26)

5. Yang sudah terlanjur bercouple?? Nak diputuskan??..Nanti ada

Yang merana Jika ingin teruskan??

ü Bercouple tidak salah tetapi ikutlah peraturannya. Yakinlah dengan janji Allah melalui lidah kekasih-Nya Nabi Muhamad.

“ Jika seorang hamba Allah menahan keingiannya dari sesuatu yang haram (Kerana Allah) maka Allah akan memberikan sesuatu yang diingininya mengikut jalan yang halal.” (Hadis)

6. Yang penting tanyalah hati kita, untuk apa kita bercouple??

ü Berkahwin??

ü Suka-suka?? X (Syaitan jadi orang ke-3)

7. Jika benar-benar sayangkan pasangan anda, hormatilah dia,

Peliharalah dia & perlakukanlah sewajarnya seperti orang yang

Anda sayangi. Jangan hancurkan hidup pasangan anda kerana keseronokan yang sementara. Jika sayangkan permata, tempatlah

Ia dalam bekas selamat, dilindungi & dijaga.

8. Jangan sesekali didedahkan, disepah-sepahkan. Jangan

Manisnya dikecap, sepahnya dibuang.


Dah berjaya dpt lesen kereta!!!Alhamdulillah...tapi..

Syukur ke hadrat Allah s.w.t atas kurniaanya..alhamdulillah hari ni 30 mei 2007 tercatatlah detik paling manis buatku dlm karier perjuangan di institut memandu bitara...ana dah lulus ujian kereta!!!Tapi...ada cerita disebaliknya...

Semalam...ana terjaga dari tidur 2,3 kali..yela x sedap perut hari ni test..tapi ana munajatkan kepada Allah agar mempermudahkan ujian kepada hambanya yg lemah ini.Pagi tadi lepas solat subuh ana bacala yassin sbb fadilatnya bila kita baca yassin waktu pagi insyaallah hajat kita pada hari itu akan tercapai.

Ana sarapanla dulu..pastu minta berkat dari parents then jam 7.15am ana bertolakla dgmn motor kesayangan.Jam 9am bermula ujian.Ujian bahagian 2,alhamdulillah naik bukit,parking,ujian 3 penjuru x ada masalah.

Ujian bahagian 3 ialah ujian jalan raya..ha!!ni yg ada masalah..kenapa??Ana dapt tester lelaki,pegawai pulak tu!!!Ana kena laluan B yg mana x adala sukar sangat tapi nak tau...sebenarnya ana dah kandas kerana ada satu jalan tu yg mana ana beranggapan nak elak lubang..ana terus elak tanpa beri isyarat...laju pulak tu..masuk pulak lorong orang!!

Apa lagi..pegawai tu suruh parking kereta tepi dan bermulalah cermah ringkasnya...nak ikut kat hatinya..mmg ana dah kandas tapi Allah taala dah lembutkan hatinya..ana dapat teruskan ujian.ALHAMDULILLAH!!
Bila sampai kat BITARA..fuh lega rasanya,,,ujian dah selesai!!Ana dapat tahu dr cikgu ana yg dia dpt tengok beberapa org calon yg baru bwk kerta kuar dah kena pusing balik..ada yg tester sendiri pandu pulang..maknanya kandasla tu.

Alhamdulillah..sekali lagi ana nak pesanla kat kwn2 yg nak ambik lesen..xkira motor ke,kereta ke,kapal terbang ke..pandu cermat jiwa selamat ingatlah org tersayang & ingatlah jika kita kandas duit kita akan melayang,masa kita kan terbuang.Buatlah yg terbaik.

Itulah sedikit cebisan suka duka hari ni.Ha,x lupa buat ayahanda bonda yg mengeluarkan belanja..Paksu yg mengajar sy..& bestfriend(eishah) yg bagi support.:-) Syukran jazilan!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lambang Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM)

Menghitung hari...

Syukur ke hadrat Allah yg esa...ana baru pulang dari latihan akhir utk menduduki ujian lesen kereta JPJ di Institut Memandu Bitara..insyaallah esok (30hb Mei 2007) ana akan mjalani ujian JPJ.Hmmm...berdebarlah rasanya..mana xnya esok merupakan pghitungan samada ana layak x dpt lesen kereta...yelah ..masa latihan semua ok..biarlah mcm2 kena tengking dek cg tp itu utk kebaikan kita..Insyaallah ana harap ana masuk ujian itu sekali je pastu lulusla...xnkla kena ulang2 byk kali sbb bila kena ulang duit kena bayar,nak kena dtg tahun depanla pulak...ana pun nak gi masuk pusat Tamhidi USIM ahad ni tp nak gi balik melaka dulula hari jumaat ni kot.Esok selesaila urusan lesen..barang2 semua dah siap...borang suma dah isi...USIM nantikan kedatanganku!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gambar2 kenangan di Tingkatan 3 2004

Ana memegang jawatan pengawas pusat sumber(unit multimedia)sejak di tingkatan2,tingkatan3 dan tingkatan4 sebagai otainya...tapi tingkatan 5 dah jadi pengawas sekolah.

Aksi para pahlawan taekwondo SMAASZA...ana berada di tengah2..skrg ni ana pegang talipinggang merah...budak2 ni pun dah naik tatalipinggang semua...

All the English Language Society committes member are captured a memorable picture with the principal and teacher advisers. I sat at the left...

Kelas tingkatan 3A1 yg diterajui oleh Cikgu Sakinah Bt Ibrahim...ana berada di bahagian hadapan kanan sekali...

Friday, May 25, 2007

Pengalaman fasi di SK Banggol Peradong,dah lama x menaip ni...pagi tadi ana gi ke SK Banggol Peradong di Manir,dijemput kelab fasi terengganu utk jadi fasi kem solat.He2,main dgn budak2 darjah 1&2.Ana bersama 3 org lagi rakan seperjuangan drpd smaasza:-Rohanizan,Aishah & Farhana Azmi.Kitaorg bermula jam 8 pg dgn sesi taklimat ringkas kemudian ditugas utk memegang sekelas masing2.Ana pegang kelas darjah 1c.Hm,budak2 ni kena rasuah baru nak ikut cakap kita!!Tapi inila pendekatan psikologi budak2,bila bagi sesuatu sbg ganjaran barulah diorg nak buat yg terbaik.Mula2 teori bacaan dlm solat kemudian praktikal wudu' kemudian buat praktikal solat.Alhamdulillah semua berjalan lancar..Tapi yg kesiaannya kat ustazah2(title free utk rakan sperjuangn)kita...punyalah rasanya diorg yg dilanyak budak2 tu!!Sabarlah ustazah oiii...nilah asam garam kita bila nak mg'handle' sesuatu kumpulan sasaran semsa jadi fasi ni.Ana nasihatkan kpd diri ana,sahabt1 n suma org yg mbaca blog ni...dalam kita mengejar kcemerlangan akademik,kita x boleh lari daripada hidup bersosial dlm masyarakt.Menjadi fasilitator merupakan kaedah paling berkesan utk kita mendekati sesorang..fasi perlu bersifat empati kepada anak buahnya.Selami diri diorg,kita akan mengenal tabiat seseorg.

Dalam kebejatan akhlak yg berlaku dlm masyarakat kita,kita generasi pemuda pemudi skrg,jgnlah kita pikir diri kita je.Maksud ana bila kita belajar..belajarlah cemerlang,tapi ingat org disekeliling kita.Mereka juga manusia yg memerlukan bimbingan drpd kita yg mempunyai ilmu agama...Dunia xkn aman selagi org yg mpunyai ilmu tidak mengamalkan ilmu mereka utk masyarakat sekeliling.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ulama Saudi larang nada dering azan, ayat Al-Quran

RIYADH: Ulama Arab Saudi melarang laungan azan dan bacaan ayat suci Al-Quran dijadikan sebagai nada dering telefon bimbit kerana ia dianggap menjejaskan kesucian Islam.Sheikh Saleh Al-Shamrani berkata, perbuatan itu bersifat makruh apalagi jika deringan itu berlaku ketika pemiliknya berada dalam tandas atau pada premis hiburan seperti disko.
"Ayat suci Al-Quran amat tinggi nilainya dan tidak tepat direndahkan tahapnya sebagai nada dering telefon bimbit. Paling rendah hukumnya adalah makruh," katanya kepada akhbar Arab Al-Sharqul Awsat, kelmarin.
Beliau yang juga pensyarah Akademi Ilmiah Universiti Islam Raja Mohamed Saud, membuat ulasan itu berikutan semakin ramai umat Islam menjadikan laungan azan dan bacaan ayat suci Al-Quran menggantikan irama muzik moden sebagai nada dering.Sheikh Saleh berkata, larangan menggunakan ayat suci Al-Quran dan azan dibuat atas ilat atau alasan ia sememangnya tidak boleh digunakan berdasarkan banyak sebab, termasuk tempat.
"Ia seperti deringan ketika pemilik berada di tempat kotor seperti tandas atau tempat tidak sesuai seperti disko atau majlis apabila ketika itu orang ramai sedang ketawa," tegasnya.Seorang lagi ulama, Suad Afif mahu satu garis panduan diwujudkan khusus mengenai penggunaan ayat suci Al-Quran dan azan.
"Kita tidak mahu di tengah kegilaan ramai mendapatkan nada dering diminati,aspek kemurnian agama Islam itu pula tercemar. Kita juga tidak mahu keindahan dan kemurnian ayat suci dan azan itu diperlekeh baik secara sengaja atau tidak," katanya.
Sementara itu, Mufti Perak, Datuk Seri Harussani Zakaria, berkata nada dering ayat suci Al-Quran dan laungan azan, dari satu aspek mengingatkan umat Islam mengenai ibadat, seperti kewajipan menunaikan solat.
"Memanglah ia baik untuk umat Islam tetapi dari satu segi, jika nada dering itu didengar dalam tandas, tidak baik. Walaupun kita tidak nampak tulisan ayat Al-Quran, ia tidak baik untuk didengar dalam tandas.
"Ayat suci Al-Quran tidak boleh dibawa ke tempat kotor dan najis. Walaupun nada dering, ia kalau didengar di tempat seperti itu merendahkan kesucian Al-Quran," katanya.Beliau menasihatkan umat Islam supaya berhati-hati dalam memilih nada dering telefon bimbit bagi mengelakkan melakukan dosa.

The wonders of the world

1. Statue of Liberty (USA)

The Statue of Liberty was given to the United States as a gift of friendship from the people of France. Originally known as ‘’Liberty Enlightening the world,’’ the statue was proposed by France to commemorate the Franco-American alliance during the America Revolution. Designed by French Sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdiv the 151 feet staue was the form of a woman with an uplifted arm holding a torch.

2. Leaning Town of Pisa (Italy)

The tower of Pisa is the bell tower of a Cathedral. Its construction began in the August of 1173 and for about 200 years, in full fidelity to the original project, whose architect is still uncertain. In the past it was widely believe that the inclination of the Tower was part of the project ever since it’s beginning, but we now know that it is not so. The tower was designed to be ‘’vertical’’ and started to incline during its construction.

3. The Great Pyramid (Egypt)

The Great Pyramid was built on the west bank of the Nile River at Giza during the 4th Dynasty ( about 2575 to about 2467 B.C ). The oldest of the 7 wonders, the pyramid is the only one remaining nearly intact today. The Great Pyramid is also known as the pyramid of King Khufu. Ten years were required to prepare the site and 100,000

labourers worked thereafter for 20 years to complete the pyramid, which contains the king’s tomb.

4. Great Wall Of China ( China)

The Great Wall of China, just like a gigantic dargon, winds up and down across deserts, grasslands, mountains, and plateaus stretching approximately 6,700 kms (4,163 miles) from east to west of China. With a history of more than 2000 years, some of the sections of the great wall are now in ruins or even entirely disappeared. However, it is still one of the most appealing attractions all around the world owing to its architectural grandeur and historical significance.

5. Eiffel Tower ( France )

The tower is 300 meters tall. not including the 24 meters televisions antenna on top, and weighs 10,100 tonnes. It was the world’s tallest structure for 40 years. According to the official website for the tower, the summit is reached by 1,665 steps and not, as popularly believed, by 1,792 steps ( the same as the year of the First French Republic ).

6. Taj Mahal ( India )

Taj Mahal stands on the bank of River Yamuna, which otherwise serves as a wide moat defending the Great Red Fort of Agra. It was built by the fifith Mughal emperor , Shah Jahan, in 1631 in memory of his second wife , Mumtaz Mahal, a Pesian princess. She died while accompany her husband in Burhanpur in a campaign to crush a rebellion after giving birth to their 14th child.

7. Empire State Building (USA)

The Empire State Building was the tallest building in the city before the construction of the WTC. Its construction was hurried to completion , in order to take the title of ‘’World’s tallest building’’ from the Chrysler Building. The building rise to 1,250 feet or 381m at the 102nd floor. A broadcasting tower added in the 1950s brings the total height to 1,455 feet or 443.5 m.

Sajak untuk guru2 SMAASZA

Sajak sempena Hari Guru 2007

Seorang guru muda di meja temu duga,
Sanggupkah kau bekerja tanpa mengira masa?
Walau di mana jua?
Tanpa banyak bicara,
Dia menganggukkan kepala,
Aku rela demi anak bangsa.

Kini dia mula bekerja,
Nun jauh di desa,
Bertemankan unggas rimba,
Namun berbekalkan kekentalan jiwa,
Semangat yang membara,
Guru muda mampu senyum gembira,

Meskipun jutaan halangan menghadang jalan,
Danau, ranjau kau redah jua,
Untuk kau sampai ke puncak cita,
Dikerahkan segala kudrat,
Tulang empat kerat,
Diluahkan segala yang tersirat,
Dari minda keramat,
Bangkitlah anak-anak bangsaku,
Sahutlah seruan gurumu,
Usah berteleku menongkat dagu,
Kuburkan, lanyakkan segala sifat malu,
Agar kau sampai ke puncak maju.

Guru desa mula dimakan usia,
Kini kau sudah mula berumah tangga,
Hati mula bergolak rasa,
Antara cita dan cinta keluarga,
Namun semangat di dada masih membara,
Tidak terpadam dek usia,
Tidak ranap dek cinta dara,
Kau bisikkan kata-kata keramat,
Keluarga bukan penghalang hasrat,
Bahkan penguat semangat jihad,
Kepada Allah tempat munajat,
Agar hidayah-Nya menjadi sahabat,
Pembawa berkat.

Guru desa,
Di kala guru kota bergembira,
Membeli-belah di pasaraya,
Menjamu selera di restoran ternama,
Dikau pasrah,
Mendidik anak bangsa,
Menulis, mengira,
Air kelapa penghilang dahaga,
Mkan nasi berulam pegaga,
Namun dikau tetap ceria,
Kesunyianmu lenyap,
Bersam kegelapan malam.

Teruskanlah perjuangan sucimu,
Kunyahlah, telanlah segala kerenah muridmu,
Junjunglah Sunnah Rasulmu,
‘’Al-Ulama’Warasatul Anbia’ ‘’
Genggamkam erat-erat,
Hrapan nusa hasrat Negara,
Pendidikan Berkualiti Pemangkin,


Di tepi pantai

Lautan ilmu padamu


Bagimu kasihku dan hatiku

Aku gembira berada padamu

Wahai sekolahku SMAASZA aku menyayangimu

Engkau mengajarku dan membimbingku

Ke jalan petunjuk engkau membawaku


Bagimulah kasihku dan hatiku

Friday, May 18, 2007

Penjelasan isu pelajar SMK Belara merusuh pada hari guru

Firman Allah dlm surah hujurat ayat 6 :

Wahai org2 yg beriman!Jika dtg kpd kamu seorg fasik mbawa sesuatu berita,maka selidikilah(utk mbawa mnentukan)kbnrnnya,supaya kamu tidak menimpakan ssuatu kaum dgn perkara yg x diingini-dgn sebab kejahilan kamu(mgenainya)shgg mjadikan kamu menyesali apa yg telah kamu lakukan.

Pada hari ini kita sering menerima bulat2 berita yg disampaikan oleh pemberita dlm akhbar.Cerita mgenai pelajar SMK Belara telah mggemparkan Malaysia sbyk 2x,yg mana kali pertama kisah pergaduhan pelajarnya mggunakan pedang samurai!!Sebenarnya,ini hanyalah KISAH XBENAR YG DISENSASIKAN OLEH AKHBAR!!

Bukanlah ana nk jadi backup kpd pelajar2 itu ttp inilah sbnrnya hakikat cerita sebenar yg ana dgr drpd sahabat ana yg mana ibunya itu mengajar di sekolah tersebut.Memang ada pergaduhan ttp tidaklah seganas yg dilaporkan oleh media!

Akibatnya,semasa sambutan hari guru di sekolah itu baru2 ni,ada pelajar yg digambarkan melempar batu ke kawasan sekolah!Sebenarnya,kalau kita fikir dgn akal yg waras pun,x mungkin para pelajar tu nk merusuh semberono.Hakikatnya mereka geram dgn wartawan sebuah akhbar yg mensesasikan kisah sekolah itu sebelum ini.Sebab tu mereka melempar batu ke arah wartawan tersebut.

Namun hakikatnya,perbuatan pelajar tersebut memang salah..hari guru yg sepatutnya kita mengenang jasa para guru kita,dicemari dgn insiden yg memalukan ini.Kita kembali kepada Islam,ana sebut ayat quran di atas yg mana menyeru kita bila kita baca akhbar tu,kita jgnla terima bulat2 ta[i siasatla dulu kebenarannya..akibatnya kita salah tafsir mcm2.

Para pelajar pulak mestilah berakhlak seumpama yg dianjurkan oleh Rasulullah,sbagaimana hadis baginda-''Tidaklah aku diutuskan kecuali utk menyempurnakan akhlak''.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dari Allah kita datang kepada Allah kita kembali..

Innalillahhiwainnalillahhiraajiun...kelmarin seorg sepupu ana telah kemabali ke rahmatullah.Allahyarhamah Nurul Husna Hairanie Bt Yusof telah mhgembuskan nafasnya yg terakhir setelah koma selama 2 bulan akibat terlibat dgn satu kemalangan motor..ana cukup rapat dgn allahyarhamah yg mana beliau merupakan rakan sepermainan sewaktu ana kecil.sekolah tadika sama2,sekolah rendah sama2,ana belajar kereta sama2..ana cukup2 kenal akan dia tetapi apabila ajal tiba kita x boleh menolaknya.Tengah hari tadi allahyarhamah selamat dikebumikan ditanah perkuburan kg gelugor...sama2lh kita hadiahkn ala-fatihah supaya rohny berada di kalagan org2 yg beriman..Al-Fatihah...

Friday, May 11, 2007

Secangkir kenangan di hari2 akhir2 di SMAASZA

Alhamdulillah...baru2 ni ana check UPU,ana dapat tawaran utk masuk tamhidi(matrikulasi) sains&teknologi di USIM(nama lama KUIM).geng ana yg lain mcm ruzaimi,kudin,muin & lain2 x dpt U.Ana cukup bersyukur ke hdrat Ilahi di atas pemberiannya ini.Insyaallah ana akan daftar pada 3 Jun 2007 tp kelmarin khamis 10 mei 2007 mrupakan hari akhir ana di SMAASZA.Kelmarin ana melalui hari2 dgn biasa,x ada apa yg luarbiasa cuma ana menanti saat2 akhir di dlm kelas shgg hbis waktu persekolahan dgn cukup perasaan sedih coz kita dh betul2 hbis saat bangku persekolahan sek men.Pas ni xdedah.Kesian...dlm kelas ana just tinggal bbrapa kerat pelajar yg terus bristiqmah utk kekal d 6Rendah STAM utk mgambil STAM thn depan.Ana mdoakan kalian mdpt kejayaan yg cemerlang.Geng2 sebilik dgn ana pun ramai yg dpt U,ramainya UIAM la.Sblm balik kelmarin ana sempat brjumpa bbrapa org guru yg mgajar,ana cukup2 brbangga dgn diorg yg berjaya mdidik ana shhg ana berjaya skrg.Semapena hari guru yg akan dtg ana nk mgucapkan SELAMAT HARI GURU kpd semua guru2 SEKOLAH MEN.AGAMA(ATAS) SULTAN ZAINAL ABIDIN,KUALA TERENGGANU.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Hari2 terakhir di SMAASZA....,mulai esok dh boleh check UPU.Maksudnya,ana dh x lamalh kat SMAASZA.Tapi pepatah mengatakan setiap pertemuan ada perpisahan brsyukurlah kita ada pertemuan.Dah 5 tahun 5 bulan 5 hari ana mcari ilmu d bumi ulamak,smaasza yg tercinta.Minggu ni agaknya habisla kot kisah ana di smaasza tp x semestinya berhenti setakat ni.Ana mpunyai cita2 yg tinggi,ana nak mengenggam segulung ijazah dlm bidang sains kemudian ana nk mengenggam juga sgenggam ijazah dl bidang agama di azhar,Ramai pemimpin skrg just ada ilmu dunia tp ilmu ukhrawi kurang.Sebab tu bila seorg pemimpin mtadbir,seorg peguam brtugas,sorg doktor mrawat pesakit berlakulah plbg penyelewengan.Ana dpt tawaran ke Matrikulasi tp ana rasa syg nk tinggal bhs arab walaupun sthun & bila kt matrikulasi ni mehnah & tribulasi yg mggugat iman iaitulh kurangnya biah solehah di sana.Jd moga2 ana mndpt Universiti yg boleh ana teruskan perjuangan menggalian ilmu mgangkat darjat diri serta mncari mardhotillah.Buat sahabat-sahabati di SMAASZA,teruskan prjuangan antum antunna suma,bukanlah bererti bila kita berada di kita hanya di gelar BUDAK SEKOLAH,tp biarlah pemikiran kita menorobos seantero dunia peka dga keadaan sekeliling.Buat shbt yg bakal melanjutkan pelajaran ke universiti kelak,pd masa yg masih ada ni penuhkan ilmu agama yg mjadi benteng keimanan kita,jgn trpengaruh dgn plbg dakyah yg x elok bila kita mlangkah ke alam baru.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Pemeriksaan oleh Cg Asmadi

Gambar sblm ke Perhimpunan Kor Kadet polis di SMK Sultab Sulaiman

Gambar2 Ihtifal Ilmi Sanawi 2007

Keputusan Ihtifal Ilmi Sanawi

Keputusan : SMA(A)SZA dpt johan dlm acara Kuiz Men.tinggi,kuiz men atas,Tafsir men.atas lelaki & perempuan. Naib johan dlm acara tafsir men.rend. lelaki & tafsir men.tinggi lelaki. Lain2 acara hanyalah mndpt saguhati,oh tidak dilupakan acara bahas men.tinggi berjaya mngekalkan keunggulan mndpt johan dgn salah seorg pembahas smaasza berjaya muncul pembahas terbaik.Cerita pasal ana? Alhamdulillah,ana dan rakan2 acara kuiz men.tinggi dpt johan.Cerita skit,...kuiz ni soalannya boleh tahan bg pengetahuan agama sbb soalannya dr soalan STPM tp ana & rakan2 dah belajar sedikit sebyk masa 6 rendah ni & tha 3.Soalan bhasa arab?Boleh tahan jugak tp payah skit..sbb soalan aras tinggi.Yg kelakarnya...soalan bhs inggeris dia bg soalan yg teramat mudah!!!mcm soalan bdk men.rendah tp x kisahla asal boleh jwb...Tahniah buat kontinjen SMAASZA. Bagi yg x berjaya,cuba lagi tahun depan!!!! Ni ana tunjuk gambar2 di SMA Mahmudiah...

Friday, April 27, 2007

Jumaat penghulu segala hari

Salam pertemuan...hari ni hari jumaat,petang ni ana nak balik asrama smaasza dah coz esok ana kena gi sma mahmudiah utk Ihtifal Ilmi Sanawi.Hm,ada satu cerita,semalam ana kol pk koko utk tanya pasal tikar yg dibawa ke sma mahmudiah.Ana sedih sungguhla,smaasza ni x ada tikar nak dibawak!!!Pastu ana cadangla ana ada tikar kat rumah tp nak bagi sesaje x bolehla,kena sewala...he2,nak cari makan skit...Pastu masa sarapan td ana cakap dgn ma & abah pasal hal ni,diorag berila kebenaran nak bwk tp diorg cakap x payahla ambik duit.Ha,baru cakap,abah dah sibuk bawak kuar tikar yg nak dipilih.Gitula,ana pelik dgn sekolah ana ni,diorg tau tikar ni menjadi satu keperluan bila ada acara perkhemahan,ihtifal or lain2 acara.Duit byk nak nuat bermacam2 acara tp nak beli tikar pun x boleh...if kekawan dr smaasza coretan ni kabola kpd yg berkenaan agar kita beritahu kpd pihak sekolah agar menjaga kebajikan pelajar bukan hanya nak mencari kejayaan dlm sesuatu acara.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pinti masuk utama Universiti Islam Antarabangsa

Alhamdulillah,walaupun ni hanya lawatan tp tercapai jugak nak merasa ke UIAM.InsyaAllah kalau ada rezeki dapat tawaran ke UIA.Ni gambar lawatan BADAI ke UIAM pada tahun 2005

Kembali ke zaman Jurassic????

Ni la gambar kenangan ana di taman Pusat Sains Negara tika mengadakan lawatan BADAI pada tahun 2005 dlm ting4.Hm,mujurla ni bukan yg sebenar,kalau tg sebenar dah x ada dah ana di dunia ni kot tp kalau betul2 wujudkan best?Boleh jadi haiwan peliharaan kat rumah...He2

Pintu Gerbang Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan tika subuh hari...Cantikkan??


Ragam peserta Kem Pemantapan Cahaya Iman di Bilik Seminar

Akademi Fasi Pemantapan Cahaya Iman : Send AF Undi SEND 991

Fasilitator SMAASZA Kem Pemantapan Cahaya Iman