Saturday, November 24, 2007

Coming back from holiday with beloved family!!

Hello friends!! I was just coming back from my holiday with my family. Actually, the holiday was organised by the General Hospital of Sultanah Nur Zahirah K. Terengganu.Besides, it was a family day activitiy. But, actually just my mother took part in the activity. I liked to do my own activity. So, below was some pictures i had captured during the holiday. The location was at Sutera Beach Resort, Setiu Terengganu. It was a beautiful place because the resort was near the beach.

At the back is the beach at the resort, i didnt know its name

Maybe u cant believe it, but in the toilet also have chairs!! Who want to rest in this place!!
Rest at the foyer


It was sad when i start to build the sandcastle, the wave crashed its.

I carved it on sand just to remember my tamhidi

Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) my tertiary education starts here

Just for fun, i like to carve my owns name maybe its was a sign as a small path to have a big path in the future (He2 as the 1st human reached at moon said)

At night, there was a grand dinner, but sorry because the picture was blurred.

The sun in the morning rises from the east..

The sun rises at 7.45a.m..maybe..i was jogging at that time.

Yeah, it was the last picture captured before i went home.

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Ainey Nan said...

assalamualaikum daing..
huhu im gonna speak in english rite now.. ave u p0st any news b0ut games in tamhidi 0708? just wanna 2 know c0z i c0uldnt be wif all of u anym0re huhu~.. i d0nt mind if u n0t remembr me c0z im a bashful muslimah.. huh? just kiddin!!