Thursday, October 18, 2007

Last but not least

Today i will leave my beloved home to keep furthering my studies in USIM. Although i feel very sad in my heart to leave behind my family, pets, computer ( i didnt have laptop), & all the entertainment at home, i still have to instill in my mind those things are temporary. Yes, after this i will bear back with ''study sokmo'' condition coz my final examination is around the corner. Next tuesday, i will sit on for my speaking test in MUET. I think my MUET preparation just on updating this blog. Since i have used english in writing this article, i think it will help me a little bit in writing.

During holiday, our country has commemorate a history to send the first national astronout- Dr Sheikh Muszaphar – the first malay muslim to outer space. Now, he is at ISS (International Space Station). Since the first day- the Soyuz TMA-11 blasts off-until today, I always read the articles about him. The most atrractive thing for me is about his responbility that he has to do. Sheikh Muszaphar will carry out experiments on board the International Space Station relating to the characteristics and growth of liver cancer and leukemia cells, the crystallisation of various proteins and microbes in space.

Last but not least, to all my friends & me too, we have to take the spirit that shown by Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar to excel the excellence in our studies. Whatever course you are studying now, you still can contribute a lot of things to our country. As we’re the generation that will replace the leadership in this time, we have to make sure the basis thing in our life-study-in make as the priority. Strive excellence in our next examination, towards together achieving the flying colour in our life.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Schedule on Final Exam Sem 1

Schedule Of Final Exam Semester 1 Session 2007/2008

29 Oktober 2007 – 2 November 2007 & 12 November 2007 – 16 November 2007

(10 days )

Tamhidi Centre USIM

( For Tamhidi Science & Technology, Dentistry & Medicine only)

Date / Time

Morning session

Afternoon session







Chemistry Paper 2

Chemistry Paper 1



Mathematics Paper 1



Biology Paper 1

Biology Paper 2



Mathematics Paper 2




Physics Paper 2

Physics 1

Reminder :

Morning session will be started at 9 a.m

Afternoon session will be started at 2.30 p.m except on Friday, will be started at 3 p.m

Examination venue will be located at FKP examination hall.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

1st syawal 1428 in memory..

Allahuakbar 3x...praise to God that gives us opprtunity to celebrate this eid. We finish to do our fasting in ramadhan month but never ever to say when we are finishing our ramadhan, we are freely can do anything that we cant do in ramdhan. As fasting for one month has educated us to be truly muslim, not just prevent us from eating & drinking, more than that to curb us from doing sins. Syawal is the month potraying as we are borned again, free from sins.

Let we make syawal as the month to change our bad behaviour. For students, we actually burn the midnight oil as after performing our tarawih, we sleep for a while then we wake up for whole night to do revision, tahajud & etc. So dont just do those good behaviour in ramadhan, keep up our works. As now we are in examination month, multiply our hard work to achieve excellence. Dont make our life enjoy in syawal. Yes, we can celebrate syawal but please look forward as i remember what my chemistry lecturer (Puan Juliana) has said in her last lecture, '' Every year you celebrate eid but remember you just sit up your final exam once in your life, dont regret when you receive bad result in the future, so please,struggle for your final exam although you are celebrating the eid & dont forget to pray to Allah in ramadhan.''

Friday, October 12, 2007

Ramadhan as the university of tarbiyah & syawal as the graduation ceremony

Allah s.w.t has said in surah al-baqarah verse 183 :

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you, even as it was prescribed for those before you, that ye may ward off (evil);

Yes,the last sentence in this verse emphasises those who are fasting with faith will ward off (evil).Now ramadhan is in the end, that our fasting gives effect tou us? That is a question which the answer is various,depends on individual. Ramadhan we can potray it as a school, madrasah or university. In an education centre, we are given a lot of assignments, tasks, presentations, & tutorials to strenghthen our understanding. Similar to fasting, fasting teaches us how we can strenghten our faith, we force ourselves from eating & drinking for 12 hours in a day. Besides, we can close our eyes from evil see-sight. Moreover, we can order ourselves to do good deeds, but can we 'istiqamah' with those things after ramadhan?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Aidilfitri is around the corner but...

Happy Ramadhan Al-Mubarak to all my friends...sorry i have lack of time to update this blog when i am studyind in USIM. Insya allah since now i have time at home for my Aidilfitri holidays,i will frequently try to write ideas,opinions & other articles. All of u may be shocked when i start to write this blog in english, not to proud but when i am thinking for a while, it's a good behaviour to us to try to write out our feeling & ideas in our own diary & blog in english.

Yes, what i am targetting now is my Malaysian University English Test (MUET). I will sit on my MUET on 23 oct 2007 for speaking & listening,reading comprehension, & writing on 3 nov 2007. I trust that all my friends (including me) are busy to do revision for exam. Not just in tamhidi,matriculations, or in secondary school (SPM,STAM,Final exam), all those examinations will measure our ability in studying. Now all of us are busy preaparing for aidilfitri, but what i want to remind to me & all my friends, since we have time during holidays, grab this oppurtinity to do exercise, memorise notes & etc so we are well-prepared when entering examination hall.

Besides, we still in fasting month so increase our performance to Allah, seek his help so we are given his help & strength in doing our ibadah. During ramadhan all doas are accepted. Pray to Allah so we achieve excellence in our study. I take this chance to wish Happy Aidilfitri to all my friends in Tamhidi Center, Matriculatons, other universities & all muslimin muslimat in Malaysia.