Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Why I feel something different today?

Whuah..looked at the title i wrote above maybe gave u a lot of questions?Today i started to write my blog at night. It was different when I was used to do it in the morning. Today my day start with usual things but today i had done more my job to my tamhidi. For your information, next year my tamhidi would organised a grand activity which was called as rehlah of Tamhidi Of Science & Technology. Besides, i would be the director of the program. Maybe some of us said "Wah, u look so amazing to be the director." But for me it was so tired to do it. As the leader to handle a program like us to sacrifice everything such as time, money, strength & so on. Yes, like my friend had zaid to feel the sweet of the program, we had to struggle. I felt grateful because all my friends that involved as the committes could give the committment to work. Thanks a lot to Rasyadan (Kashaf), Qilah, Hafiz, Hidayati, Taufik, Nabihah, Izwan & all my friends. Without them i thought that this program could not be handled smoothly.

Next, yesterday i was so shocked to see my old friend's friendster. She was my friend during the primary school. She was older a year than me. What made amazed of her was her appearance now, wow she would be maybe a press or journalist or whatever job related to press. The picture she put as the primary in her site made me felt so proud. Maybe when I was a political man or academician in the future, she would interview me. Insya-allah.

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