Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Award as the torch to make us to struggle harder

Praise to Allah..yesterday, i had awarded the prize as one of excellence student for my success in SPM 06 in award giving ceremony which was organised by Yayasan Terengganu at Civic Hall, Serada Village. This was a picture that i grabbed but its didnt clear because i took it at the back of the hall.

In the ceremony, there were a few guests such as the representatives from Yayasan Terengganu & also the ADUN of Alur Limbat, Alias. In his speech, he gave some advices to students to struggle harder even though they had achieved success now. Besides, i was attracted with an excerpt of his speech said that, some of the sudents that were sent by the state government to University of Al-Azhar had been influenced by the seniors whose were not finished their studies although they had learnt for years. I thought that, it was a bad perspective to the seniors that said that they had influenced their juniors to participate in anti-establishment, opposed the government & so on. Yes, i didnot deny that the matter was happened but my opinion was, we could not say that the seniors whose were not finished their study abroad did not mean that they failed. I thought that maybe it was their choice to stay there to grab more knowledge. Dont think to sceptical to them, maybe some of subjects were tough but they were stayed at Anbiya' Earth that full of blessing.

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