Sunday, November 25, 2007

After spending a week of holiday..time to...what?

Holiday..actually, i used to think when i was studying, i eagerly waited for holiday but when the holiday came, i thought that better i had my time time studying. Now, i spent 8 days at home. I always asked myself, what i had done for my holiday? Hm, i had sleeping, woke up, eating, loitering, & so on. Yes, but those all things were beneficial? Last night, i had a chance to have Yahoo messenger session with my friend. We shared together our experience during this holiday. Maybe she had better planning than me. So, i got the spirit from her to recheck back my schedule & had my own target.

Will be read in the meantime

Yarkh, although i was in holiday, i had to face with academic books!! Whateverla, it was for my own benefits. My target was to finish up all those (above) books. From left were '' Tarbiyah Sistematik,'' ''Biology sem2,'' & ''Chemistry Sem 2.'' Maybe it could make me have a better preparation for the next semester at USIM.

In my hand now

This was a book entitled '12 Rukun Kerja Berpasukan' by Rahmat Ismail. It was a book which was suitable for a manager in a company, a leader in a group & for all those interested in leadership. For me, it was my additional knowledge to improve my leadership skill. Since i was handled a program now maybe it was beneficial for me. To all my friends, lets start our reading lifestyle today...knowledge is the power to achieve our dreams!!

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