Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Aidilfitri is around the corner but...

Happy Ramadhan Al-Mubarak to all my friends...sorry i have lack of time to update this blog when i am studyind in USIM. Insya allah since now i have time at home for my Aidilfitri holidays,i will frequently try to write ideas,opinions & other articles. All of u may be shocked when i start to write this blog in english, not to proud but when i am thinking for a while, it's a good behaviour to us to try to write out our feeling & ideas in our own diary & blog in english.

Yes, what i am targetting now is my Malaysian University English Test (MUET). I will sit on my MUET on 23 oct 2007 for speaking & listening,reading comprehension, & writing on 3 nov 2007. I trust that all my friends (including me) are busy to do revision for exam. Not just in tamhidi,matriculations, or in secondary school (SPM,STAM,Final exam), all those examinations will measure our ability in studying. Now all of us are busy preaparing for aidilfitri, but what i want to remind to me & all my friends, since we have time during holidays, grab this oppurtinity to do exercise, memorise notes & etc so we are well-prepared when entering examination hall.

Besides, we still in fasting month so increase our performance to Allah, seek his help so we are given his help & strength in doing our ibadah. During ramadhan all doas are accepted. Pray to Allah so we achieve excellence in our study. I take this chance to wish Happy Aidilfitri to all my friends in Tamhidi Center, Matriculatons, other universities & all muslimin muslimat in Malaysia.

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