Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Time moves very fast

Mistakes!! I am so ashamed because i think today is the last day for SPM students but actually they will sit on their last paper on 3 & 4 dec.2007. But for science stream now they have a week to rest after struggling with core subjects. For me, i have succeeded to read ''12 Rukun Kerja Berpasukan'' & i want to make summary about this book. Besides, i read ''Mengapa saya menganut Islam'' by Fathi Yakan. It is a famous book among my friends which is always make as a discussion during usrah. I hope i get some benefits from this book. Ok, to all my friends, please respond to me what are you doing this holiday k! wslm.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why my spirit comes to decrease?

Like the spirit comes to increase then decrease, but i think it is a common thing. Yesterday i do not write anything, not because i am lazy but yesterday i have another activities to do. Today i will write a piece of ideas to share with all my friends.

This is my loving computer. Usually i have to quarrel with my little brother. He likes to watch Naruto movies through Youtube. What is interesting with those stories? (Although i like to watch too,he2) Tomorrow i think the last day for SPM students to face their last examination paper & all their academic books!! Maybe some of them have their own activities. For whose involve in PLKN will feel nervous because some of us heard the sceptical view about National Service. I do not get the chance to take part in National Service. Sometimes i feel envy with all my friends stories about their experience but sometimes i feel grateful because i have fulfilled my time after SPM wisely. To all my junior, use your time wisely, if you need any consultation you can keep in touch with all seniors. We will share our thoughts with you. Happy holiday!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

After spending a week of holiday..time to...what?

Holiday..actually, i used to think when i was studying, i eagerly waited for holiday but when the holiday came, i thought that better i had my time time studying. Now, i spent 8 days at home. I always asked myself, what i had done for my holiday? Hm, i had sleeping, woke up, eating, loitering, & so on. Yes, but those all things were beneficial? Last night, i had a chance to have Yahoo messenger session with my friend. We shared together our experience during this holiday. Maybe she had better planning than me. So, i got the spirit from her to recheck back my schedule & had my own target.

Will be read in the meantime

Yarkh, although i was in holiday, i had to face with academic books!! Whateverla, it was for my own benefits. My target was to finish up all those (above) books. From left were '' Tarbiyah Sistematik,'' ''Biology sem2,'' & ''Chemistry Sem 2.'' Maybe it could make me have a better preparation for the next semester at USIM.

In my hand now

This was a book entitled '12 Rukun Kerja Berpasukan' by Rahmat Ismail. It was a book which was suitable for a manager in a company, a leader in a group & for all those interested in leadership. For me, it was my additional knowledge to improve my leadership skill. Since i was handled a program now maybe it was beneficial for me. To all my friends, lets start our reading lifestyle today...knowledge is the power to achieve our dreams!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Coming back from holiday with beloved family!!

Hello friends!! I was just coming back from my holiday with my family. Actually, the holiday was organised by the General Hospital of Sultanah Nur Zahirah K. Terengganu.Besides, it was a family day activitiy. But, actually just my mother took part in the activity. I liked to do my own activity. So, below was some pictures i had captured during the holiday. The location was at Sutera Beach Resort, Setiu Terengganu. It was a beautiful place because the resort was near the beach.

At the back is the beach at the resort, i didnt know its name

Maybe u cant believe it, but in the toilet also have chairs!! Who want to rest in this place!!
Rest at the foyer


It was sad when i start to build the sandcastle, the wave crashed its.

I carved it on sand just to remember my tamhidi

Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) my tertiary education starts here

Just for fun, i like to carve my owns name maybe its was a sign as a small path to have a big path in the future (He2 as the 1st human reached at moon said)

At night, there was a grand dinner, but sorry because the picture was blurred.

The sun in the morning rises from the east..

The sun rises at 7.45a.m..maybe..i was jogging at that time.

Yeah, it was the last picture captured before i went home.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Takwim Semester 2 USIM (Sori in Malay) just cut copy



Pendaftaran 10 Dis. 2007 (1 hari)
Perkuliahan 1 Dis. 2007 – 08 Feb. 2008 (9 minggu)
Cuti Pertengahan Semester II 11 – 15 Feb. 2008 (1 minggu)
Perkuliahan 18 Feb. – 18 April 2008 (9 minggu)
Peperiksaan 21 April – 02 Mei 2008 (2 minggu)
Cuti Semester II 05 – 30 Mei 2008 (4 minggu)


Sebagaimana diluluskan Senat pada 28 September 2006 dan tertakluk kepada pindaan.
Cuti sempena ‘Idulfitri adalah pada 13 dan 14 Oktober 2007
Cuti sempena ‘Iduladha adalah pada 20 Disember 2007

Its true or not?

When i took my breakfast usually i would like to open the newspaper at a glance. Today, i was attracted with an excerptof news. I would like to share with all of u.

The title of the news was '' Pelajar universiti hanya baca 12 buku.'' I would not shock if the news said in a month or in a week but it was said an university student just read at average 12 books at almost 3 years when they were studying in university!! The reading lifestyle especially read of additional books among students in university were leave far behind than the university at abroad.

The Deputy of Ministry of Education, Datuk Noh Omar had said, a research had shown, the students in Australia read about 180 books, Indonesia-94 books, India-130 books, Thailand-56 b00ks & Brunei-books! The data showed us how the reading lifestyle could not be cultivated among students.

Yes, maybe the statement above had its true. I observed that Short Message Service (SMS) couldnt be separated among teenagers. Start from we woke up in the morning until we almost slept, the handphone always with us. Besides, i had heard a story from a father when he took his children to the village, when the family almost wanted to sleep, he switched off the lamps, he shocked to look each of his child's handphone would light. He thought that the children had slept but they still in SMS!!. Moreover, in information technology era, our teens were similar with internet's peer-Friendster, My Space, IRC, & so on. This lifestyle if we didn't prevent or control it like we gave the knife to someone, the knife was useful to cut fruits & so on but when it was misused the knife could kill someone.

Last but not least, since we now in holiday, i would to urge all my friends including me to use the time wisely. Holiday was the time to tighthen the bond of family & time to add our knowledge. Use your time properly as our prophet said remember 5 things before 5 things came to us. Once of them was spend your free time before your busy time.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Why I feel something different today?

Whuah..looked at the title i wrote above maybe gave u a lot of questions?Today i started to write my blog at night. It was different when I was used to do it in the morning. Today my day start with usual things but today i had done more my job to my tamhidi. For your information, next year my tamhidi would organised a grand activity which was called as rehlah of Tamhidi Of Science & Technology. Besides, i would be the director of the program. Maybe some of us said "Wah, u look so amazing to be the director." But for me it was so tired to do it. As the leader to handle a program like us to sacrifice everything such as time, money, strength & so on. Yes, like my friend had zaid to feel the sweet of the program, we had to struggle. I felt grateful because all my friends that involved as the committes could give the committment to work. Thanks a lot to Rasyadan (Kashaf), Qilah, Hafiz, Hidayati, Taufik, Nabihah, Izwan & all my friends. Without them i thought that this program could not be handled smoothly.

Next, yesterday i was so shocked to see my old friend's friendster. She was my friend during the primary school. She was older a year than me. What made amazed of her was her appearance now, wow she would be maybe a press or journalist or whatever job related to press. The picture she put as the primary in her site made me felt so proud. Maybe when I was a political man or academician in the future, she would interview me. Insya-allah.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Award as the torch to make us to struggle harder

Praise to Allah..yesterday, i had awarded the prize as one of excellence student for my success in SPM 06 in award giving ceremony which was organised by Yayasan Terengganu at Civic Hall, Serada Village. This was a picture that i grabbed but its didnt clear because i took it at the back of the hall.

In the ceremony, there were a few guests such as the representatives from Yayasan Terengganu & also the ADUN of Alur Limbat, Alias. In his speech, he gave some advices to students to struggle harder even though they had achieved success now. Besides, i was attracted with an excerpt of his speech said that, some of the sudents that were sent by the state government to University of Al-Azhar had been influenced by the seniors whose were not finished their studies although they had learnt for years. I thought that, it was a bad perspective to the seniors that said that they had influenced their juniors to participate in anti-establishment, opposed the government & so on. Yes, i didnot deny that the matter was happened but my opinion was, we could not say that the seniors whose were not finished their study abroad did not mean that they failed. I thought that maybe it was their choice to stay there to grab more knowledge. Dont think to sceptical to them, maybe some of subjects were tough but they were stayed at Anbiya' Earth that full of blessing.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Everything can change in a moment

Yesterday was my 1st day holiday at home. As usual, my discipline in USIM had taught me to arrange time properly. As early in the morning, i woke up to perform norning prayer. My activities in the morning was strenghthen the tie of relationships between my family. I lend my hand to help my parents. In the afternoon, i had chance to go to Kuala Terengganu City by motorcycle to update my Tabung Haji saving account. Then, i get loitering around the city. My heart was proud to observe so many development-although they still under construction- were done. For instance Kedai Payang Market which was popular among the tourist could have the role like Central Market in Kuala Lumpur because the building & around the place had been renovated. Besides, known by the city dwellers as White Mosque-was so beautiful. Although i had leave for a month, there were many changes. The mosque now had been equipped with multimedia convenience to display ''khutbah'' during friday prayer.

Moreover, i went to Banggol Bookstore near the taxi & bus stop. Wow, there were many new interesting books!! Although the prices were a bit expensive, the contents were beneficial. Its good for me to have such this bookstore because the customer could freely look & read the books that arranged neatly on the shelf. To sum up, all the books there were not wrapped. Its was different with the other bookstore which all their books were wrapped so the customer couldnt have a glance to see the book's contents. I like an author whose name is Fadzli Shaari, a lecturer at UIAM. He had written many books related to motivation & especially softskills. Since i hadnt have any budget to buy his books, so i take a few times to read there. It was so tired to stand for a long time, i think the bookstore could have a comfortable place like chairs so i could sit & read. This idea i took after i went to a very famous bookstore at KLCC-Kinokuniya. We could see the bookworms could read their favourites book without having any uncomfortable condition because there were many chairs.

After performing Asar Prayer, i had some exercises at Batu Burok Beach. I would like to congratulate to Kuala Terengganu Municipal Council (MPKT) because of their efforts to beautify the landscape around the beach. Next, i went to my previous secondary school-SMAASZA-to take my certificate. When I reached there, the surrounding was so quiet. Maybe the students whose were sitting on SPM examination had studied at hostel. Just a few of my junior had spent their time to play at court as a way to release their tension. My view was caught at a old building which popular as palace of SMAASZA, the palace was now under renovation by Museum Department. My junior said, in the future the palace would be done as gallery. When i talked about their trial exam, they were excel. Praise to Allah. But one my very close friend whose was my mentee as i was her mentor dad been dropped from her first class to the second class!! I was so shocked!! I knew that she had trapped in silly love with a person whose was i was really know about him. The guy got the bad result also in his trial exam. This was an example when a person had involved in love but cant manage properly. I reminded all my friends to prevent ourselves from such this silly thing. After that, i had been informed that she had ignored the guy & paid full concebtration on her SPM examination. I pray that all my juniors would get flying colour in their examination.

I had to sign off now ok see me at the next post!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Coming home from a big war to a more bigger war

Praise to Allah , our creator...hello friends, now i am at home. I would like to share with all of u about my activities in USIM. Recently, i have finished my final semester 1 exam & just lasr night i have came from Nilai to Terengganu by bus.

Firstly, my exam...praise to Allah that gives his help to me. I supposely can answer all the questions, some are easy but a little bit are tough. Now, what i have to do-pray to Allah, perform hajat praeyer every night & tawakal. Insyaallah we will get the excellence. I will get my result after the my holiday is over..maybe after 10 Dis. I hope all my friends can pray for my excellence too. What I want to emphasise is about the feeling during exam. Since now i am in tertiary education, it is unsimilar with the secendory school. Why?? Yes, i look that, the strategy to achieve excellence is depends on our struggle. Its all right u say that the brilliant is 2% the the determination is 98%. I suggest to all my friends especially to my friends in Tamhidi USIM, since we have known the techniques, the wrongdoings during our 1st sem, we sab used it to repair our performance as early as sem2. Now, all of us are in holiday, make your strategy now, asked yourself (if u feel that u are not better than the brilliant students-such as me), ''I have finished my papers, some weakness i have detect during my exam, i know the paper can not be repeated, but it doesn't show that i have to surrender, i have to learn to cover my mistakes during holiday, make new strategy & try harder during sem2.'' Besides, some of u in tamhidi of science & technology including me are kept the dream to further our studies in dentistry or medicine. we have to struggle more, when our friends are enjoyed their holiday-yes, i cant deny, we have to enjoy too-we have to keep studying, make post-mortem & upgrade yourself during this holiday.

Next, USIM has organized Hari Raya Ceremony although almost the end of syawal. I observe that, the ceremony so marvellous!! So many students, faculties, deans, outside dellegations & so on have involved. With many of food, beverages & performances make i so enjoy on that day. Moreover, my friends & i have finished our MUET-speaking, reading, comprehension & writing. I havent not any comments but its so cool to have this exam.

Last but not least, in my tamhidi of science & technology, i have proposed to have a rehlah next year & since that, my friends & i too have planned some works to do before the rehlah can been organised. So, during this holiday, all of us are busy preparing the paperwork so we can send it to the dean of faculty og science & technology. To all my committes, lets we pray so all of our works will get the blessing from Allah s.w.t. I have to write off now.k, see for the next post.wslm