Monday, November 19, 2007

Everything can change in a moment

Yesterday was my 1st day holiday at home. As usual, my discipline in USIM had taught me to arrange time properly. As early in the morning, i woke up to perform norning prayer. My activities in the morning was strenghthen the tie of relationships between my family. I lend my hand to help my parents. In the afternoon, i had chance to go to Kuala Terengganu City by motorcycle to update my Tabung Haji saving account. Then, i get loitering around the city. My heart was proud to observe so many development-although they still under construction- were done. For instance Kedai Payang Market which was popular among the tourist could have the role like Central Market in Kuala Lumpur because the building & around the place had been renovated. Besides, known by the city dwellers as White Mosque-was so beautiful. Although i had leave for a month, there were many changes. The mosque now had been equipped with multimedia convenience to display ''khutbah'' during friday prayer.

Moreover, i went to Banggol Bookstore near the taxi & bus stop. Wow, there were many new interesting books!! Although the prices were a bit expensive, the contents were beneficial. Its good for me to have such this bookstore because the customer could freely look & read the books that arranged neatly on the shelf. To sum up, all the books there were not wrapped. Its was different with the other bookstore which all their books were wrapped so the customer couldnt have a glance to see the book's contents. I like an author whose name is Fadzli Shaari, a lecturer at UIAM. He had written many books related to motivation & especially softskills. Since i hadnt have any budget to buy his books, so i take a few times to read there. It was so tired to stand for a long time, i think the bookstore could have a comfortable place like chairs so i could sit & read. This idea i took after i went to a very famous bookstore at KLCC-Kinokuniya. We could see the bookworms could read their favourites book without having any uncomfortable condition because there were many chairs.

After performing Asar Prayer, i had some exercises at Batu Burok Beach. I would like to congratulate to Kuala Terengganu Municipal Council (MPKT) because of their efforts to beautify the landscape around the beach. Next, i went to my previous secondary school-SMAASZA-to take my certificate. When I reached there, the surrounding was so quiet. Maybe the students whose were sitting on SPM examination had studied at hostel. Just a few of my junior had spent their time to play at court as a way to release their tension. My view was caught at a old building which popular as palace of SMAASZA, the palace was now under renovation by Museum Department. My junior said, in the future the palace would be done as gallery. When i talked about their trial exam, they were excel. Praise to Allah. But one my very close friend whose was my mentee as i was her mentor dad been dropped from her first class to the second class!! I was so shocked!! I knew that she had trapped in silly love with a person whose was i was really know about him. The guy got the bad result also in his trial exam. This was an example when a person had involved in love but cant manage properly. I reminded all my friends to prevent ourselves from such this silly thing. After that, i had been informed that she had ignored the guy & paid full concebtration on her SPM examination. I pray that all my juniors would get flying colour in their examination.

I had to sign off now ok see me at the next post!!!

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