Thursday, November 22, 2007

Its true or not?

When i took my breakfast usually i would like to open the newspaper at a glance. Today, i was attracted with an excerptof news. I would like to share with all of u.

The title of the news was '' Pelajar universiti hanya baca 12 buku.'' I would not shock if the news said in a month or in a week but it was said an university student just read at average 12 books at almost 3 years when they were studying in university!! The reading lifestyle especially read of additional books among students in university were leave far behind than the university at abroad.

The Deputy of Ministry of Education, Datuk Noh Omar had said, a research had shown, the students in Australia read about 180 books, Indonesia-94 books, India-130 books, Thailand-56 b00ks & Brunei-books! The data showed us how the reading lifestyle could not be cultivated among students.

Yes, maybe the statement above had its true. I observed that Short Message Service (SMS) couldnt be separated among teenagers. Start from we woke up in the morning until we almost slept, the handphone always with us. Besides, i had heard a story from a father when he took his children to the village, when the family almost wanted to sleep, he switched off the lamps, he shocked to look each of his child's handphone would light. He thought that the children had slept but they still in SMS!!. Moreover, in information technology era, our teens were similar with internet's peer-Friendster, My Space, IRC, & so on. This lifestyle if we didn't prevent or control it like we gave the knife to someone, the knife was useful to cut fruits & so on but when it was misused the knife could kill someone.

Last but not least, since we now in holiday, i would to urge all my friends including me to use the time wisely. Holiday was the time to tighthen the bond of family & time to add our knowledge. Use your time properly as our prophet said remember 5 things before 5 things came to us. Once of them was spend your free time before your busy time.

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