Saturday, October 13, 2007

1st syawal 1428 in memory..

Allahuakbar 3x...praise to God that gives us opprtunity to celebrate this eid. We finish to do our fasting in ramadhan month but never ever to say when we are finishing our ramadhan, we are freely can do anything that we cant do in ramdhan. As fasting for one month has educated us to be truly muslim, not just prevent us from eating & drinking, more than that to curb us from doing sins. Syawal is the month potraying as we are borned again, free from sins.

Let we make syawal as the month to change our bad behaviour. For students, we actually burn the midnight oil as after performing our tarawih, we sleep for a while then we wake up for whole night to do revision, tahajud & etc. So dont just do those good behaviour in ramadhan, keep up our works. As now we are in examination month, multiply our hard work to achieve excellence. Dont make our life enjoy in syawal. Yes, we can celebrate syawal but please look forward as i remember what my chemistry lecturer (Puan Juliana) has said in her last lecture, '' Every year you celebrate eid but remember you just sit up your final exam once in your life, dont regret when you receive bad result in the future, so please,struggle for your final exam although you are celebrating the eid & dont forget to pray to Allah in ramadhan.''

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