Sunday, November 18, 2007

Coming home from a big war to a more bigger war

Praise to Allah , our creator...hello friends, now i am at home. I would like to share with all of u about my activities in USIM. Recently, i have finished my final semester 1 exam & just lasr night i have came from Nilai to Terengganu by bus.

Firstly, my exam...praise to Allah that gives his help to me. I supposely can answer all the questions, some are easy but a little bit are tough. Now, what i have to do-pray to Allah, perform hajat praeyer every night & tawakal. Insyaallah we will get the excellence. I will get my result after the my holiday is over..maybe after 10 Dis. I hope all my friends can pray for my excellence too. What I want to emphasise is about the feeling during exam. Since now i am in tertiary education, it is unsimilar with the secendory school. Why?? Yes, i look that, the strategy to achieve excellence is depends on our struggle. Its all right u say that the brilliant is 2% the the determination is 98%. I suggest to all my friends especially to my friends in Tamhidi USIM, since we have known the techniques, the wrongdoings during our 1st sem, we sab used it to repair our performance as early as sem2. Now, all of us are in holiday, make your strategy now, asked yourself (if u feel that u are not better than the brilliant students-such as me), ''I have finished my papers, some weakness i have detect during my exam, i know the paper can not be repeated, but it doesn't show that i have to surrender, i have to learn to cover my mistakes during holiday, make new strategy & try harder during sem2.'' Besides, some of u in tamhidi of science & technology including me are kept the dream to further our studies in dentistry or medicine. we have to struggle more, when our friends are enjoyed their holiday-yes, i cant deny, we have to enjoy too-we have to keep studying, make post-mortem & upgrade yourself during this holiday.

Next, USIM has organized Hari Raya Ceremony although almost the end of syawal. I observe that, the ceremony so marvellous!! So many students, faculties, deans, outside dellegations & so on have involved. With many of food, beverages & performances make i so enjoy on that day. Moreover, my friends & i have finished our MUET-speaking, reading, comprehension & writing. I havent not any comments but its so cool to have this exam.

Last but not least, in my tamhidi of science & technology, i have proposed to have a rehlah next year & since that, my friends & i too have planned some works to do before the rehlah can been organised. So, during this holiday, all of us are busy preparing the paperwork so we can send it to the dean of faculty og science & technology. To all my committes, lets we pray so all of our works will get the blessing from Allah s.w.t. I have to write off now.k, see for the next post.wslm

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