Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why my spirit comes to decrease?

Like the oscilloscope..my spirit comes to increase then decrease, but i think it is a common thing. Yesterday i do not write anything, not because i am lazy but yesterday i have another activities to do. Today i will write a piece of ideas to share with all my friends.

This is my loving computer. Usually i have to quarrel with my little brother. He likes to watch Naruto movies through Youtube. What is interesting with those stories? (Although i like to watch too,he2) Tomorrow i think the last day for SPM students to face their last examination paper & all their academic books!! Maybe some of them have their own activities. For whose involve in PLKN will feel nervous because some of us heard the sceptical view about National Service. I do not get the chance to take part in National Service. Sometimes i feel envy with all my friends stories about their experience but sometimes i feel grateful because i have fulfilled my time after SPM wisely. To all my junior, use your time wisely, if you need any consultation you can keep in touch with all seniors. We will share our thoughts with you. Happy holiday!

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