Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Setangkas Suluhan Ilmu Prof. Tariq Ramadhan Buat Anak Muda

Melonjak motivasi apabila mendengar kata-kata motivasi daripada Prof. Tariq Ramadhan di dalam satu key note address (Ucaptama) yang beliau sampaikan di persidangan The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) 2010 di Rosemont suburb of Chicago, Illinois. Pantas rasanya jari-jemari ini untuk menekan papan kekunci untuk berkongsi hikmah yang disampaikan. Untuk mengetahui latarbelakang Prof. Tariq Ramadhan, bolehlah berkunjung ke pautan laman sesawang berikut :



Saya nukilkan nukilan yang telah disampaikan oleh Prof. Tariq Ramadhan dalam video di atas, moga beroleh manfaat.

1-Never Worship Knowledge.

2-Chines Proverb say

“When the wise man is pointing out the moon, the crazy guy looking at the finger”

3-Use our knowledge in order to worship better.

4-To change our attitude towards our scholars by respecting but with the critical approach.

5-If we are not coming with deep question, we will have superficial answers.

6-The critical distance is not to be emotional . “ SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE”

7-Use the skills od questioning.

8-Conflict of egos.

9-Ask very essetntial question from the very beginning “What is our INTENTION?”

10-"We are not reading enough. You have books, but you don't read. If you just come here to get knowledge, you will get very superficial knowledge, and this is just a fashion, new trend. You need to come here to nurture your mind and heart with a deep question because tomorrow you will have to go back to books. This gathering to give you the essence of need for more knowledge, then come back home and buy books. This is heavy, qaulan saqilan. It is about knowledge. If you want to change the world, change your mind and built your intellect first."

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11-The muslim should go with ‘7 C’s’


Islam is the religion from Allah. So be confidence. How? Don not react aggresively but calm and in tranquility act.


We should acknowledge the various, our weaknessess and muslims are not doing well. This consistency is important coming with oour critical mind, questioning our behaviour in the name of our principal/


Be vocal in this society. Since the critical debate are now being removed from the picture. We have to come and encompass, organizing the debate not only on Islam, debate on anything. This activity can promote the intellectual creativity. Society will come with ideas & creativity. Then, come debate in schools and universities but not only in Islam. We will give the impression that we just not only care about Islam but muslims.


Our present is to give.


Get creative in asking and writing.


If we are loyalty to our country, we have to be critically loyalty to our country. There has no blind loyalty.


Forgive and be compassionate. Spread salam (peace). Be positive.

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