Saturday, December 25, 2010


End of Year 2010 is around the corner, i'll in 3rd year semester 6 in year 2011.Time is getting faster and faster. Everyone needs to aware that we have to make our own planning while studying in university. Don't too much get involved in reckless and disadvantage activities that did not contribute to development of towering personality. Get aware of this! I'll share some tips in CAREER PREPARATIONS that i think very vital in personal planning.

Making a career choice is only the first step towards achieving a career. You need to keep your focus on this ultimate goal and to perhaps refine it, throughout your years at college and university. This handy timeline shows you how to do so.

1st year

  • · Visit your career services centre. Get to know the resources and services available.
  • · Start flipping through career guidebooks.
  • · Identify 4 skills to develop.
  • · Explore your interests,abilities and skills.
  • · Talk to professors,counsellors and others about possible major and careers.
  • · Join a university club that has a leadership opportunities (for eg,a working committe).
  • · Start collecting information on internships,work placements and vacation work.
  • · Find out about volunteer positions that will help build your resume.
  • · Write your first resume.

2nd year

  • · Let your careers counsellor review your resume.
  • · Read ar least one book on career development.
  • · Research and explore at least 3 alternative career options.
  • · Begin internships or vacation work related to your areas of interest.
  • · Identify companies in industries that allow you to shadow or visit them.
  • · Join a professional association or organisation and start making contact with people in the professional world.
  • · Work towards one leadership or working committee position in a university club.

3rd year

  • · Narrow your career interests.
  • · Attend workshop on interview etc.
  • · Practise your skills at mock interviews.
  • · Take on leadership roles in clubs and organisations.
  • · Considering postgraduate study?Get more information.
  • · Ask professors or employers with whom you did in in internship,to serve as references.
  • · Interview or shadow at least 5 people in the careers you want to explore.
  • · Research potential employers and talk to recent graduates about the job market and potential employers.

Final year

  • · Find out if the companies you are interested in are holding interviews at your campus and register.
  • · Find out what the current salary range is.
  • · Attend functions where you can meet potential employers and network.
  • · Write your cover letter and have it reviewed at your career service centre.
  • · Buy a few outfits for your working wardrobe.
  • · If you have decided to continue studying,complete applications for graduate school.
So Procrastination is the thief in our work. Lets have a blank paper and start do a S.W.O.T and start planning about our future. Use our time preciously! Have a nice day!

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