Sunday, February 10, 2008

Experience will teach us something we do not expected

Praise to God, today 10 february is the 4th day i have my holiday for mid-term 2nd semester holiday. I am at home now & i will leave to USIM back this saturday night. 1st day i reach at my hometown, i look many changes especially at the development & condition in Terengganu. Since the election day is around the corner so many flags of political parties are hung everywhere. In addition, Terengganu has its new alma mater which Crystal Mosque at Wan Man Island.
During this holiday of course i have full-occupied activities either academic & for my Tamhidi activity. Since my midterm exmination is not end yet-I have Chemistry & Physics paper to finish after holiday. My Tamhidi will implemented a rehlah at Gunung Ledang on 1 March 2008. Since i am the Chief Executive Officer (he2..just to name), this holiday i will make my way to search the fund. The experiences i learnt at secondary school had make my works become easier.Yes, i will not deny if we do not have any experience we will make hard to to them. For my peers either the junior or my friends, please get your own experience such as business, charity, organization, & etc. At least you must have you own skills that will benefit you after finishing your study. For my friends at unversity or matriculation, prepare yourself as early as you can to face the world. We can not expected what will happened in the future, we must have the 1st mentality mind that just not think the academic but how to develop ourselves. You are what you think!


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