Sunday, January 13, 2008

When i have a laptop..

Laptop? In semester 1, my heart was very excited to have a laptop. Now my dream is fullfilled since i have the ability to buy a lovely laptob COMPAQ branded. In addition, in new semester, my course was included with a computer subject which is ICT skill. It was a fun subject because we did not have to make any calculation or write any essay, but just stay calm in front of the computer aided with internet, we had to surf any websites according to lecture's task. In Sutera Indah, usually i used to hear quranic recitation & when studying, i liked to heard nasyed sound. Insyaallah, in a meantime or maybe next semester, my resident will have wireless connection. Now, i used the campus wireless connection so just here i can surf internet with my friends. Ok, i have to sign off now..i will write again in the future.

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